Special services

For our clients we provide the following security services: escorts and transport of persons, V.I.P. services, transport, escorts and transport of valuables, provision of security services at business meetings, concerts, congresses, casting, sports, cultural and political events, as well as at private and other events according to the client's requirements. These services are always provided discreetly and with the utmost regard to the specific situation and interests of the client. 



Physical surveillance


  • shopping centers
  • administrative centres
  • logistics units
  • industrial complexes
  • other types of objects
A team of experienced security personnel provides physical security for our clients of all types of premises. These workers are regularly trained to work in specific buildings. We have extensive experience in evaluating, addressing and preventing security risks. Specific security procedures and rules are developed for each type of object, their observance in practice is then strictly controlled.

Security advice


We provide comprehensive advice in all areas of security where we have extensive experience in evaluating, addressing and resolving security risks. We present and apply in practice concrete proposals for optimal measures following the security audit, which is a key step in minimizing all security risks. All proposals for solving security problems are submitted in short terms, processed professionally and professionally according to the real needs of the client.


Other services

  • detective services (tracking people, information about persons, objects and things)
  • screening of transactions, transactions and business and life partners
  • recovery of substantiated claims
  • employee screening
  • training and training of security personnel - self-defense, shooting preparation, legal minimum, model situations, etc.
  • cleaning services


For collectives, company management and organizations or for individuals interested, we offer provision and organization of relaxation seminars aimed at increasing physical and mental fitness. These seminars take the form of weekend stays, during which various sports and interest activities, special skills courses, etc. are organized.
(shooting, self-defense, reasmanding techniques, surviving in nature and other outdoor activities)